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The Yellow Cat piano program offers students the opportunity to excel at the piano. Our learning methods enable students to learn quickly and to achieve higher levels of success than the standard music program. 

Young Students

Yellow Cat offers a wide range of products designed to capture the imaginations of the youngest players. Using an engaging story and colorful illustrations, young students are drawn into a fantasy land of castles and dragons. Right from the start, students play songs that they enjoy, learning basic rhythm and theory as the adventure is set to music.

Yellow Cat Music Education

The Yellow Cat Music Education site is now up and running and is fabulous! You can find our newest materials and download them immediately. For a quarterly subscription of $30 or a yearly subscription of $100 you get all the Mudoku Puzzles, Scale and Theory Sheets, New Music, Revised Musicland lessons and much more. New materials are added weekly. Visit and see the future of colored music.

Students with Special Needs

The Yellow Cat program is especially well suited to the student with special needs. Students who struggle to read notes or to concentrate are more likely to stop playing the piano altogether. Yet many special needs students have tremedous talent just waiting to be discovered. Subscribe to our free newsletter for more information.

 Music books plus Games and Activities

Click here for full details on our product lineup as currently avilable through Yellow Cat. In addition to storybooks and music books, we offer fun games and activities to help reinforce learning at the keyboard. Lots of great music is available online when you join our member supported music community website 

Future Virtuosos

The creators of Yellow Cat are convinced that these methods create successful players, and that successful players go on to become true artists at the piano. At the Yellow Cat studio, we believe every student is a Future Virtuoso!

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